Beka Lubrication Systems Automatic Central Lubrication Pump BEKA-MAX Model EP-1
Single line progressive system for mining and heavy machine.
Grease NLGL-Cl.2

มอเตอร์ :  
Operating voltage 12V DC/ 24V DC
Revolutions 15 rpm
Current consumption:  
Idling at +20c 0.8A / 0.4A
Full load at +20c 2.2A / 1.1A
Fuse 5A / 3A
Pump :  
Max. operating pressure 350 bar
Adjusting of pressure relief valve 280 bar
Permissible operating temperature -35C to +70C (depending on the grease type)
Reservoir size :  
Transparent reservoir 1.9 kg, 2.5 kg, 4 kg, 8 kg or 16 kg
Steel reservoir 2 kg or 4 kg
Stirrer direction counterclockwise
Mounting position Reservoir in vertical position
Delivery rates depending on pump element
Protection type IP5K9K as per DIN 40050
Lubricant Greases up to NLGI-cl. 2
(excluding solid lubricants)
Mineral oils from 40 mm/s (cSt)